For Thanksgiving I was able to come home for a few hours and spend time with family. We are a multigenerational, multicultural household. I myself am Spanish. My wife and her family are from China, and we also have a roommate who is also in the military and she is of African decent. I chose these five photos because they represent a Harmony of differences coming together. With the first photo you will see a turkey and a duck. I thought this was fitting as the turkey represents the traditions of the west and the Duck is a Peaking Duck which represents the east. The second photo represent the prep of the Peaking Duck. My wife’s father who would normally carve the duck gave me the honor for the first time. In the third photo you see the representation of all the different styles of cooking coming together along with cupcakes that the children made. I enjoyed taking photo four as it shows the coming together of the elders with the youth, and a deeper understanding of my wifes family on why Thanksgiving is a holiday of coming together. Photo five was shocking to me. These two dogs never get along, but for some reason on this day they were the best of pals. This is the closest they have voluntarily been near each other, and I felt it shows exactly the Harmony this day brought.

Taking these shots was very stressing as I rushed home from working the COVID mission to enjoy a few hours with the family, and then had to rush back to base. Adding taking classses to the work required has been difficult, but thankfully my family, teachers, and children have been patient and understanding. I wanted to make sure that the photos I took of people were not staged and were as natural as possible.